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porygon. with or without the z

2011-03-19 09:27:58 by folf182

I can't decide between evolving my shiny porygon from platinum, arcade, to porygon-z, or just keeping him how he already is. there is no way I am having a porygon 2 though... It looks like a toy drinking bird, and I have weird Vietnam flashbacks about those... oh, and I am building a working lightsaber, and later, a ray gun.

porygon. with or without the z


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2011-03-19 11:33:46

I reccomend evolving it. its special attack and speed will increase to incredibly high levels(well, compared to porygon and porygon 2 atleast).

folf182 responds:

yeah, but his defense is raped... but I do suppose if I taught him hyper beam, It'll all be fine...


2011-03-19 12:38:44

Well, I personally think porygon z looks retarded. Plus if you look at the pokedex descriptuion, porigon 2 and z were FAILURES. The only sucessful one was the first. Only problem is the incedible stat loss from not evolving it....

(Updated ) folf182 responds:

well, porygon 2 was a success, (in fact, they massively improved his AI) but they wanted him to fly afterwards so he could go to space (think "I WANT MOAR!"). porygon-z was a bittersweet success, they made him fly, and he could do everything he was programed to, but messed up something in his security protocol, making him act weird, and allowing viruses... by the way, if porygon is a man made pokemon, why would someone want to hack him? I mean, it's the equivalent of hacking your dog, or cat, so what information could he possibly have that a hacker wants? I suppose it would sorta make sense if you wanted to program porygon to kill, but he seems harmless enough.


2011-03-19 20:09:51

Porygon 2's pokedex description: It was upgraded to enable the exploration of other planets. However, it failed to measure up.

Porygon Z's: It's programing was modified to enable work in alien dimensions. It did not work as planned.

So porygon 2 cant do what it was upgraded for, and porygon z doesnt either. At least they made porygon 1 right. Besides, porygon is all cool and 64-bit, Z is just retarded looking. Its got its arms outstreched like it always wants a hug, and what the fuck is with the goddamn horn on its head, its supposed to travel through dimensions, how is a freaking horn going to help that.

As for the hacking, dont look at it from the trainer's perspective. Look at porygon like team rocket would, a tool for humans, a way to make money, and as far as the information goes it has AI, I doubt the average scientist can have a robot with AI, so maybe they hacked it to copy its AI system?

folf182 responds:

Porygon2 didn't measure up because he couldn't fly, but still succeeded as a upgrade. It's not that he couldn't do it, just that he... couldn't do it... due to lack of flying... Porygon-Z was a success because the whole point of the upgrade was the gift of flight, which happened. Only problem is a few bugs. It's debatable. oh, and the horn was his neck. during the evolution, his head did a 180 degree turn. Not quite sure why... and all Z wants is a hug! WHY DO YOU DENY HIM OF THAT?!


2011-03-19 20:22:51

Also, dont you think its weird that all of team plasma's grunts are gingers?

folf182 responds:

red hair dye is a mandatory part of the Plasma uniform. apparently red hair is extremely bad ass in the Pokemon universe. Go figure.


2011-03-20 17:10:59

On a battling standpoint it doesnt really matter anyway, its stats aren't great with whatever evolution you want. The only thing its got going for it is special attack, god forbid its nature is against that. Sheesh, with its below average speed, defence, and HP you'll be lucky if you get one attack off. Granted its stats arent TERRIBLE, but one high tier attack like flamethrower will end it.
So really, cosmetics are up to you.

folf182 responds:

well, It's speed actually seems pretty good. es/bw/stats/small/474.png
granted, there are faster pokemon out there, but I have Arcade on freaking steroids, plus he is holding a quick claw. he knows hyperbeam, and I have some minerals that I can give him, so I can increase his defense a little so it's roughly 85 or so. I think he was designed as a sweeper.


2011-03-20 20:55:26

So your strategy is to get one good attack off before it dies. So you get one hyper beam off, maybe it goes first, either or you've still got the cool down next turn. Im noticing in this game's multiplayer a cooldown move is basically a death sentence. You really need to have a buff move before even considering a cool down move, so so far the moves porygon (Z) would have would be hyper beam, nasty plot, and probably recover and some other random move of your choice. Probably psychic so that fighing doesnt totally rape it.


2011-03-20 20:57:40

So I guess Z cause it learns nasty plot witch is the god buff for special attack.


2011-05-29 18:00:32

Nice man.You got skills.


2011-06-14 00:47:28

Lol, you died.


2011-07-10 21:25:22


isn't that Renji's sword from Bleach?


2011-07-16 01:37:50

folf! or should i say furrysowhat!
Hai :D


2011-08-06 16:12:33

Ya dun died


2011-12-27 02:36:43

@your blurb
Or weed.


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